I was born in 1980

in a small town close to Venice and here I took the use of strong colours and contrasts from
the venician “pittura tonale” of 1500


All my paintings are about dreams, unconscious and soul.

The colours are the way to reach the soul through the dream and the unconscious, just like a self brain-storming


Fragments of myself

When you look at one of these paintings, you can see what I am deep inside myself. Dreams, nightmares, joys, fears, fragments of memories and what could have been, sunny days and melancholy.



The exhibitions in wich I partecipated
have been many over the years. So it happened that I exposed my paintings with Picasso, Magritte, Chagall, Matisse, Mirò and Toulouse Lautrec masterpieces, as in a Paris exhibition.

2013 Forme d'Arte gallery, Venezia
2013 Web Art gallery, Treviso
2013 Biennale d'arte di Palermo,Palermo
2013 Open#5 art event, Magazzini del sale,
Venezia - live painting performances
2012 Arte in Fiera Dolomiti, Longarone
2012 LAT gallery, Castagneto Carducci (LI)
2012 Festival delle Arti, Giudecca island (VE)
2012 Dominique Stal gallery, Parigi
2010 Bistro Due Draghi, Venezia
2009 "Reves et cauchemars", Venezia, Bistro Ruga Rialto
2000 Festival del Cinema, Vicenza